they shud make soaps about cricket players

a group of 4 men who meet for coffee between matches and see each other through the ups and downs of their careers. one a wide-eyed young handsome chocolate-faced kid who believes that spin bowling will change the face of cricket, a rugged handsome player of a fast bowler, the wicket keeper who is stuck on a female-Ms. Big like person, and Miranda can be the star opening batsman. wudn’t we girls like that better than the done to death new york city stereotypes? Yes, i am talking about cashmere mafia. most unimpressed, but not disappointed becoz i was kinda sixth-sensing it wud suck.

on the other hand wats going on in the india/australia series is so much more juicy. just not fast paced enough and harbhajan singh? really? monkey? really? if saurav ganguly were to be in his place… now thats something i’d wake up on a sunday morning to watch.


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