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almost girl

wat is more sad?

forcing urself to take drags on a cigarette becoz they say ‘Indian women do not smoke’?,

or the fact that at 25, you still feel the need to let them know you don’t give a damn?


epilogue 2007

New years have always been a big thing for me. Because writing diaries has always been a big thing for me. Resolutions, looking ahead, plans, big, big, big. The depressing part was ofcourse the fact that my resolutions were always the same, forgotten equally soon each year, and caused the same depression and sense of uselessness at the end of each year. But this year i am uncharacteristically happy about my past year. I decided to break away from tradition and write down the things i am happy about 2007 for. Things i achieved last year, not what I want to be doing next year. that may come too, but i am still too happy just looking at the past.

2007 was the year when i :

– broke my habit of snacking late at night.

– came to terms with my relationship with my mother (the lack of it, i mean), after years of agony

– moved to new york, a place i had grown up wanting to live in!

– my relationship with bf matured and i know i don’t have any problems “depend”-ing on him anymore

– career wise, realized that there were a few things i need to stop doing, because ‘i am too old to do that anymore’. someone i was paying to listen to said this to a class of us and suddenly it all dawned on me. there can’t be any excuses of inexperience or young-ness anymore, because i am old enough now! daunting as it may seem this is basically the stage i am in life. so i decided to pronounce myself almost grownup. and that’s how it all began